Anahita Oil Refining Company(ANORC) intends to construction a grassroots Oil Refinery to produce main oil products with the EU-5 specifications and utilizing the most up-to-date technologies to guarantee the safety and maintain a clean environment in the working place and in the surrounding areas.

Anahita Refining will process 150,000 BPSD of mixed crude oil and it will be constructed at Kermanshah city (West Iran).

Anahita refinery was approved by government and authorities on 23/11/2006 and in keeping with the fourth development plan.

Refinery Location: The refinery will construct in 571 hect. Area and to be located in15 km of Hamedan-Kermanshah main road at Kermanshah (West Iran).


Major goals of the Anahita refinery construction

Construction of a new refinery with the use of day-to-day technologies and replacement with existing refinery

Supplying the province with neighboring oil products.

Ability to export surplus products

Production of petroleum products with a daily standard

Use of heavy feedstocks in Dezful and Marmour areas.

Reducing environmental pollutants.

Solving part of the problem of manpower employment in the western region.

Development of the lateral and downstream handicrafts and economic sectors of the region